Sneak A Peek Protected Picture Sharing

Image Capture Protection for YOUR Private Photos

Now you can send a fun picture for games and socializing to your friends while having a time limit for how long they can see it before it is erased! Finally some protected photo sharing!


How to use Sneak A Peek


Get ready to have fun and share it generously!


FIRST, your account needs to be verified with your preferred email and picture sending options in the Account tab. (Your email stays secure with us!)


Select Send Pic or SneakAPeek to send and view photos.


  A. Sending an Image

  1. Choose who you want to see your picture by inputting or selecting email from contacts.
  2.  Select a viewable time limit; this is how long the image will be viewed on your  friends screen when it is opened.
  3. Select a photo from your phone picture library or take one in the app.
  4. Decide on an animation for your photo to be presented with.
  5. Add a short message to be attached to your image to view before opening the photo.

Now, send your Sneak A Peek!


  B. Sneak A Peek of an Image

  1. Select an image from the contact that you wish to view.
  2. View a special message sent to you with the photo from your friend.
  3. When animation appears, press and hold the Peek button. If you move your finger the image will hide and time will pause, so KEEP STILL.
  4. The photo can be viewed for the predetermined time limit and then will be erased from the device.

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