Sending Sneak a Peek Images!

Sneak A Peek welcomes you with our loading screen.

Sending Sneak a Peek Images!

Sneak a Peek send interface screen. Enter your friends email and set the time limit. Take an image using your camera on your iPhone or use an existing image on your iPhone. Type a message to your friend and send your Sneak a Peek.

Inbox for Peeks sent to you!

Automatically view a list of all Sneak a Peek images sent to you in the inbox.

Choose your Animation type!

Choose from various animation types for each Sneak a Peek send.

Private picture revealing!

Private picture is revealed for only the time set. You or your friend must press and hold peek to view image.

Only allow receiver limited time to view!

Send private pictures with a time viewing limit. Once the limit is reached, the receiver can not view the image any more and the image is deleted from their iPhone, iPad, iPod app!


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